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Development Planning & Assessment

Equitable and sustainable development that actualises on the nature of a particular area/people and leverages the potential available is the striving of all nations. Governments, the voluntary sector and communities have to focus on improving welfare of people, fuelling the engines of economic growth, building intrinsic capability and strength in the human resources of the region, while also protecting the environment and natural resources. The challenges of the volatile macro environment, and the environmental and social impacts of various interventions that are frequently difficult to determine, are critical to be assessed in the design of development strategies.

Pragya Solutions helps development actors, State and non-State, in preparing plans for comprehensive and sustainable development, identifying sectoral issues and engines of growth, and developing regional strategies in keeping with the specific character and needs of regions. We also work on assessing development trends, potential and constraints, and provide feedback for action.

Issues & Policies, Interventions & Tools

Development is a long road and the process is not hurdle-free, nor it is simple. It requires frequent stock-taking and addressing of critical issues that constrain development in its social, economic, natural and technological aspects. In our continually changing world, structures, policies and interventions that have been created also need to be continually reviewed and moulded to newer needs, constraints and opportunities. Apart from historical inequities, the process of development often creates additional inequalities and environmental risks, and policies and programs must be shaped to remove all inequities and risks.

Pragya Solutions helps the State and development organisations design appropriate policies and interventions to address the development needs of particular groups or areas. We identify issues and inequalities, and risks and opportunities associated with specific programs and public services. We work with the development actors to optimally reshape these development instruments to achieve development aims with efficiency, while ensuring equity and sustainability.

Institutional Development & Programme Implementation

Institutions as agents of delivery of development interventions are key forces in shaping the lives of people, and institutional quality is a key determinant of implementation success. However, development institutions are frequently slow to change, and are often characterised by low skill-levels. Welldesigned development programmes sometimes fail to deliver on their objectives because of low capacity of the institution of delivery. Assistance, direct and indirect, in the development of these institutions and in the management of the programmes themselves would enhance development effectiveness.

Pragya Solutions works to enhance the capacity of development institutions, both State and nonstate, assessing areas of need and providing necessary training or reshaping particular institutional processes. We participate in the direct implementation of programs, undertaking the critical functions of program planning and monitoring and management of development funds. We also act as the ‘country/programme desk’ for development institutions, national and international.

Collaborations & Partnering

Today, more than ever, strength lies in bonding. Collaborations, networking and partnerships have become processes for creating greater value for the customer or beneficiary community. However, these are decidedly tightrope acts, and collaborations in which partner value systems collide or equal and distinct value is not created by each partner, would cause grief. Networks too require consistent efforts to generate value in terms of knowledge, information or influence, else become vapid or descend into dormancy.

Pragya Solutions helps organisations come together and act collaboratively for greater value creation. We help organisations network and facilitate partnering processes - from determining partnering requirements to designing and fashioning the collaboration, to establishing processes and ensuring partnering performance. We facilitate clusters and networks, their formation and their operation, helping position them for effectively influencing development.

Conferences and Campaigns

Workshops, conferences, seminars, campaigns and other such events require special skills, considerable time and human resources and concentrated efforts. Each calls for specialised technical knowledge, along with critical understanding of participants and audiences and behavioural processes, as well as significant management capability and capacity.

Pragya Solutions helps organisations design, organise, manage and host a range of conferences and workshops. We play the role of facilitators in workshops, and content providers for conferences drawing together the required skills for the technical aspects of the event. We design and conduct campaigns to build awareness, change attitudes and shape behaviours for greater social good.