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Pragya Solutions is a group with the aim of creating, undertaking and supporting impactful development programming. We work throughout South Asia, operating through a network of autonomous country-specific entities in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, as well as in partnership with close associates in other parts of the world. Every country organisation possesses expertise in international development and competence in various Thematic Areas and Project Monitoring & Management, and works with grassroots civil society organisations, academic and research institutions, as well as State actors, in the respective countries, for effective delivery on projects. Pragya Solutions also leverages its multilocational presence for regional studies and knowledge - sharing and management

We assist, complement and supplement development organizations and actors in the delivery of development goods and services in the socio-economic and environmental domains. We design and implement programs, working with a range of development actors including community-based organizations, non-profits, institutions, foundations and international development organizations, and the government and its departments and bodies. We aid development actors in program formulation, monitoring and evaluation; support them for organisation planning and improvement, training and process management; and foster collaborations and networks. The Pragya Solutions team also conducts policy research and develops tools and techniques for programming that facilitate the effectiveness and reach of development goods and services. Our services and solutions are targeted at local, country and regional levels.

Developing nations are faced with numerous challengesof globalisation and competition on the one hand, and handling the pockets of backwardness within the nation on the other.

Pragya Solutions works towards improved development goods and services for the less-developed area & peoples, working with development actors and institutions in responding effectively to development challenges.

Development Goals

Development goals are core to Pragya Solutions. Apart from the nature of the work that directly contributes to sustainable development and amelioration of global issues, revenues from the work are ploughed back into the philanthropic work of the Pragya group.

Our Core Areas of Work are aligned to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Through our projects we have contributed to several of the SDG targets and would continue to do so, strongly subscribing to the fundamental principles of leaving no one behind in the path to development.

Our Ethos:

We focus on change and benefit to client communities, working ‘with’ communities, organisations and systems in a continuous, seamless relationship, servicing their needs through multi-pronged and holistic action. We provide a combination of strong, rigorous, research based solutions and the much-needed last mile connectivity to implement policy at the grassroots, through interactions with and training of various stakeholders, including national and provincial, State and non-state. A multi-disciplinary approach is typically followed, with a melding of specialists from social sciences and technical disciplines, in order to ensure technological appropriateness as well as social acceptance and suitability.

Our work is driven by:

  • Thorough study and in-depth analysis
  • Holistic development, multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective
  • Meta-thinking, transcending paradigms, and transforming realities

Key methodological principles that characterize our work include:

  • Participative processes, engaging with all categories of stakeholders
  • Multidisciplinary, techno-commercial approach,with scientific inputs rooted in pragmatism
  • Rigorous study including field surveys and qualitative and statistical analysis of data
  • Consultations using a tiered approach - at provincial, regional, national and international levels
  • Holistic solutions and innovative methods to effectively address chronic problems
  • Deriving models, approaches, strategies and action plans, that anchor implementation

  • Facilitating buy-in by stakeholders, training and organizational development for implementation

We see our work as a commitment to real development and aim for sustainable value and high impact through every intervention and relationship! We tread the path of active facilitators with imagination, insight and pragmatism, the path of anthropologists, with feet on the client soil, together moving beyond development constraints and towards growth and transformation.