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Pragya Solutions shapes and delivers development goods & services in disadvantaged regions and backward sectors, and builds capacity in institutional structures and development agents to enable them to play an effective role in development.

Development of peoples and regions is a challenge that requires multiple intelligences, enormous attention, total involvement, and at the same time completely objective judgment. Pragya Solutions aims to provide these to critical development programs, and to development organisations and institutions that work to shape development.

Pragya Solutions aims to bring about fundamental improvements in the delivery of programs and development services, shape sustainable development in people, in organisations, in regions and nations, and facilitate beneficial change and growth in civil society and the State.

Development Planning & Assessment

Pragya Solutions helps development actors, State and non-State, in preparing plans for comprehensive and sustainable development, identifying sectoral issues and engines of growth, and developing regional strategies in keeping with the specific character and needs of regions. We also work on assessing development trends, potential and constraints, and provide feedback for action.

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Issues & Policies, Interventions & Tools

Pragya Solutions helps the State and development organisations design appropriate policies and interventions to address the development needs of particular groups or areas. We identify issues and inequalities, and risks and opportunities associated with specific programs and public services. We work with the development actors to optimally reshape these development instruments to achieve development aims with efficiency, while ensuring equity and sustainability.

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Programme Implementation and Institutional Development

Pragya Solutions participates in the direct implementation of programmes, undertaking the critical functions of program planning and monitoring and management of development funds. We work to enhance the capacity of development institutions, both State and non-state, assessing areas of need and providing necessary training or reshaping particular institutional processes. We also act as the ‘country/programme desk’ for development institutions, national and international.

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Collaborations & Partnering

Pragya Solutions helps organisations come together and act collaboratively for greater value creation. We help organisations network and facilitate partnering processes - from determining partnering requirements to designing and fashioning the collaboration, to establishing processes and ensuring partnering performance. We facilitate clusters and networks, their formation and their operation, helping position them for effectively influencing development.

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Conferences and Campaigns

Pragya Solutions helps organisations design, organise, manage and host a range of conferences and workshops. We play the role of facilitators in workshops, and content providers for conferences drawing together the required skills for the technical aspects of the event. We design and conduct campaigns to build awareness, change attitudes and shape behaviours for greater social good.

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